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Sidewalk News

Outdoor ads that inform

Sidewalk News uses existing out-of-home advertising spaces like bus shelters and street-level posters to distribute local news.


May 2019 • In partnership with the Mott Haven Herald, a newspaper covering the South Bronx, we printed posters with shortened versions of stories from the Herald and displayed them in the windows of businesses along Willis Avenue.

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Amongst the People

By bringing the news into community, high-quality information is equally accessible to everyone.

Ultra Hyper Localness

Knowing exactly where the readers are means that story can be localized to make it specific to its particular display.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you using highway billboards?

Probably not. Highway billboards are normally seen for only a few seconds, making it hard to convey a meaningful amount of information in that time. As the name implies, Sidewalk News is more focused on things you'd see when walking, like bus shelters and street-level posters.

Are you using digital displays?

For now, our focus is on printed ads. Digital displays tend to be clustered in high-traffic business areas, while we're more interested in reaching residential areas where people live.

The Backstory

Insights into how Sidewalk News started and where it's going

Want to join forces?

Are you a news outlet that wants to see your news on outdoor ads? An advertiser that wants to work together? A company who wants to sponsor an outdoor news ad? Email

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